Books of Interest

Ignorance of Power

by David Porter Price

Dedicated: To repairing the damage done by politicians and politics

Explaining: How government has come to make so many catastrophically bad decisions

Providing: Non-political real-world answers

Empowering: You the citizen—to take back your country

It's No Accident

The Real Story Behind Senseless Death
and Injury on Our Roads 

by Lisa Lewis

For more than 30 years, the government has been ramming cars into walls in an effort to make car crashes safe. The public has been conditioned to believe that seatbelts, airbags and more "crashworthy" vehicles are the best ways to protect us from harm on the roads. Meanwhile, the most basic strategies to deter dangerous driving and prevent crashes have been ignored. It's No Accident provides a rare glimpse into how the government got seduced by the promise of "safe crashing." (2005)

Becoming a Police Officer 

An Insider's Guide to 
a Career in Law Enforcement 

by Barry M. Baker

Becoming a Police Officer is a serious examination of police work that is directed toward young people who are contemplating a career as a police officer. Author Barry Baker draws on over 32 years of experience from some of the most violent streets of any city in the United States to show you the unembellished truths of law enforcement.(2006)

Police Pursuits: What We Know
by Geoffrey P. Alpert , Dennis J. Kenney, 
Roger G. Dunham, William C. Smith

With this book in hand, police professionals and policymakers will have the information they need to create policies that truly serve the best interests of the public.—Gil Kerlikowske, Deputy Director, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, Past President, PERF and Former Police Commissioner, Buffalo, NY (2000)

Holding On To Hope

A Pathway Through Suffering to the Heart of God
by Nancy Guthrie


Nancy Guthrie knows what it is to be plunged into life's abyss. She writes:

Shortly after [my daughter] Hope died, I was at the cosmetics counter buying some mascara. "Will this mascara run down my face when I cry?" I asked.

The girl behind the counter assured me it wouldn't and asked with a laugh in her voice. "Are you going to be crying?"

"Yes," I answered. "I am."


90 Minutes in Heaven

by Don Piper


REVIEW — A friend, whose son had died from Lyme's Disease, handed me this book. As I glanced through the book, I noticed many forms of the word, "Miracle." Since my family — my Kristie — did not get a miracle, I looked at my dear friend and said, "I don't think I can read it." He said something similar to, "Well, I have a better idea of where Ted is right now," and he left the book on my table. Weeks later and on a night when I could not sleep, I started reading the book. I loved reading about Heaven.

After all, days before Kristie was killed, she said, "Mom, I'm not afraid to die because the minute I die, I'll be with Jesus in Heaven." Kristie talked about Heaven for a few more minutes, and then I told her it was time to get some sleep. As I turned out her bedroom light, she said, "Mom, everything is so perfect in Heaven." ... And I cried, but Kristie never saw me cry. She was so happy.

Midway through the book when the focus turned to Pastor Piper's recovery, I closed the book; I just couldn't read anymore because of the miracle stuff. Yet, this book seemed to be ever-present as if reminding me that I had not finished it yet. Finally, I opened it again — after my friend insisted that I would not be disappointed. Once I started reading the book again, I never put it down until I finished it. My friend was right again. I was not disappointed. —Candy Priano

These books provide information for people interested in learning more about public safety on our roadways, law enforcement, and, of course, police vehicular pursuits. You will also find books for those who grieve. I have listed two books on grief that have brought me moments of comfort. Each book description includes a link for readers who wish to purchase the tome.
—Candy Priano


They Viewed Kristie and Others As Acceptable Collateral Damage

A Memoir
By Candy Priano
No release date for publication.Candy receives Honorable Mention—Nonfiction

More on Candy's memoir at her author's website, Watch Candy read from her work in progress during an Open Mic session at the Butte County, CA, Library.
If you'd like your loved ones listed in Fifteen, write to Candy Priano:


Honorable Mention—Nonfiction
Santa Barbara Writers Conference 

Candy Priano received this recognition for Chapter 1 from her upcoming memoir, Fifteen. The Santa Barbara Writers Conference brings fantastic authors, faculty, and staff together with talented, warm-hearted writers for one week in June. Special thanks to Monte Schulz for sponsoring this annual event. Candy believes Kristie delights in the joy of laughter because at the top of this certificate is the image of Snoopy typing the words, “You Can Go Home Again If You Want To.” (2018, photo by Steven Priano)


You can find out more about Fifteen at Fifteen is the first book to focus on the innocent bystanders who pay too high a price for public safety. We will remember the names of innocent bystanders killed and injured as a result of police pursuits. 


Crimes called "accidents"

Criminals called "victims"

The Innocent called "Acceptable Collateral Damage"