Kristie's Story as Told by the News

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Read the TOP 10 Reasons why police chases will continue unabated and why these violent crashes will kill and injure more innocent victims.


They Viewed Kristie and Others As Acceptable Collateral Damage

A Memoir
By Candy Priano

The first book to focus on the innocent bystanders who pay too high a price for public safety. No release date for print.

Crimes called "accidents"

Criminals called "victims"

The Innocent called "Acceptable Collateral Damage"

Visit the author's website, candypriano.comCandy receives Honorable Mention—Nonfiction

Honorable Mention—Nonfiction
Santa Barbara Writers Conference 

Candy Priano received this recognition for Chapter 1 from her upcoming memoir, Fifteen. The Santa Barbara Writers Conference brings fantastic authors, faculty, and staff together with talented, warm-hearted writers for one week in June. Special thanks to Monte Schulz for sponsoring this annual event. Candy believes Kristie delights in the joy of laughter because at the top of this certificate is the image of Snoopy typing the words, “You Can Go Home Again If You Want To.” (2018, photo by Steven Priano)