The Lyle Verry Story

The events leading up to this tragedy are horribly familiar.

The family’s day, July 17, 2004, had started like other Saturdays. Carla and her two older children, Nick and Julia, played with Katelin, the youngest. Lyle, working a construction job in Yuba City, south of Chico, was driving the company truck to pick up supplies for his boss.

Meanwhile, a woman reported seeing her stolen car to the Yuba City Police Department. When the police arrived, the vacant vehicle at the time of the call now had a man behind the steering wheel. A chase began in this busy, retail parking lot, moving quickly into the lunchtime traffic. The suspect plowed into Lyle at a traffic-controlled intersection. As his truck went up in flames, Lyle climbed through the passenger window, lying unconscious and on fire with his head under the burning vehicle while the suspect escaped. Thick black smoke billowed out 20 feet in each direction, according to Brad Foster, a witness and Good Samaritan, who saved Lyle by pulling him out of the inferno.—An excerpt from Candy Priano's book, "Fifteen."

"Innocent victim, a Chico man is severely burned in chase" Read the story here.

"Chico man was saved by Ridge chiropractor" Read the story here.

"As of 8-12-04, this suspect is still at-large. Police continue to search for suspect" Read the story here.

Man captured; two years added to sentence for stealing vehicles; no additional time for fleeing scene of crash that he caused. Read the story here.

Look for Days gone by KRISTIE'S LAW

by Lyle Verry

Kristie's Law, This one might drop your jaw.
It's about a police chase, That took place.
They are even trying to erase,
And That is a disgrace.
I think it was more of a race.
never again will we See her smiling face.
She's gone with that lady, Some call Grace.

It was all for the thrill, What a deal.
It's ok for them to kill,
Someday we'll Pass a bill.
That will make them chill.
If we're ever going to get them to stop,
We'll have to take it to the top,
All we want them to do is adopt and follow.

It's only right,
Now some of you might,
Come see me some night,
And that's alright,
I'll show you a sight.
Because of a chase, I've lost my face.

So to Mark and Candy, I
hope this comes in handy,
Oh because of the chase,
she's in a way better place.

"With love to you,
Your friends the Verrys"