Innocent Victims Remembered

Bereaved families of innocent victims and surviving victims share their stories

Too often the people left behind—to bury their loved ones or care for loved ones who can no longer care for themselves because of permanent injuries—are told that not enough innocent people are killed or injured as a result of these dangerous vehicular police pursuits to merit policy changes. Law enforcement spokespeople then tell us one of the greatest myths of all regarding police chases: "If we don't chase, someone else might get killed," negating that innocent people do get killed. Family members of innocent victims of pursuit often want to scream, "My loved one is a person—not a number!"

Families share their stories

The Family of Shanica Adkins

The Family of Scott Adsit

Melissa & Bryan Albrecht realize how fortunate they were that their lives were spared

The Family of Allison Angerman

The Family of Steven Aveles

The Family of Tabatha Berg

The Family of Lee Campbell

The Family of Jessica Castandeda-Rodriguez

The Family of Chris Cooper

The Family of Patty Criner

The Family of Donna Deitz

The Family of Brian DeWitt

The Family of Laura Felder

The Father of Pvt. Brian Gleason

The Family of Desiree Guzman

The Family of Brandon Louis Harper

The Family of Angeles Ipiña

The Family of Francesca Jeffery

The Family of Johnny Kallmeyer

The Family of Christian Lackey

The Family of Frances Q. Martin

The Family of Bernice, Christina and Ashley Martinez

The Family of Walter and Wesley Maspero

The Family of Cody Brett Morrison

The Family of Salvador Nieves Jr.

The Family of Aubrey Nothum

A tribute to founder, Jim Phillips
Sarah Phillips and Kristie were killed within five week's time. So often my tears for Sarah and Kristie became intertwined.

The Family of Carolynn Reece

The Family of Teale Sisson

The Family of Linda Carson Soper

The Family and Friends of Amanda Taylor

The Family of Courtney Thomasson

The Family of Garrett Tolliver

The Lyle Verry Family
(Father burned beyond recognition)

The Family of Shawn Williams, Jr.

The Family of James Williford


News Stories

Annie Ying Zi Cai, 30, May 15, 2005, (Hawthorne Police chased a man who had taken his 15-year-old son during a family dispute.)

Melody Carolyn Wooldridge, 22 Redlands & 40-year-old man, name was never given 
(On April 13, 2005, The Daily Breeze reports that Orange County Sheriffs initiated the pursuit because the suspect failed to display license plates; later it was reported that the man was drunk.)

Stephen Aguirre

Jie Wang

Mariline Sacks (link removed) 45, San Francisco, March 4, 2004 (San Francisco Police were chasing a suspected car thief.)

Qing Chang, 25, and unborn child, January 2, 2003 (Chicago Police were chasing a suspect for a stolen wallet; Mrs. Chang was standing on a street corner in downtown Chicago.)

Theodore Abraham Resnick, 33, San Francisco, March 14, 2001 (CHP initiated a pursuit for a suspected DUI.)