Anthony S. Quasarano

"MICHIGAN—Tony Q" was a big man, 6 feet 3 inches tall, 280 pounds, and well known in the 1,200-member Motor City HOG motorcycle club. He taught beginners how to handle road-cruising motorcycles.

A 300-motorcycle procession after his funeral on Friday included representatives from 28 motorcycle clubs and six police departments. They escorted Quasarano's family carrying his ashes to their Huron Township home. He is survived by a daughter, Samantha Quasarano, 20, and two sons, Joshua Cox, 27, and Arron Cox, 26.

A Canton police officer saw a Camaro matching the description of an earlier hit-and-run. The Camaro was in a gas station parking lot, touching off a brief chase with its driver.

Commentary: The driver is to blame, but this chase begs the question: Did the officer really expect this driver would pull over appropriately.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy states, "This is a disturbing case where an innocent motorcycle driver was killed in a car crash by a person who failed to recognize a car is a lethal weapon."

Worthy provides an excuse: "failed to recognize." I don't buy it. Drivers who flee can no longer use that excuse. And law enforcement needs to figure out another way to catch these types of suspects to save innocent lives and the lives of our police officers.