Four Officers get Medals of Distinctions

Chief said the Clovis officers exhibited exceptional performance 
in the high-speed, dangerous police pursuit.

November 21, 2003

Clovis Police Chief Jim Zulim presented the department's Medal of Distinction to one sergeant and
three officers Nov. 17.

Sgt. Rand Padgett and officers Joel Acosta, J.R. Murillo and Abby Spencer were awarded the medals for their participation in a Dec. 16 police pursuit that started in northwest Clovis and ended near Blackstone
and Ashlan avenues in Fresno. The officers, joined by Fresno police, were chasing Amp Siharath, who was believed to be armed and had felony warrants for his arrest.

 Police feared for his female passenger's life, and
continued the pursuit at speeds reaching up to 70
miles per hour on wet, slippery streets into Fresno.

[ Editorial comment: They feared for her life, BUT continued the pursuit at high speeds on wet, slippery streets. What is suspicious about this public display of recognition is that six months earlier a Sanger PD pursuit for a stolen car resulted in the death of a pregnant female passenger in the fleeing car and the death of an innocent bystander, Fresno Sheriff Joshua Lancaster, who was not participating in the pursuit. It is believed that Sanger police did not notify Fresno Sheriff about the chase because they knew the Fresno department does not chase for stolen vehicles. ]

Siharath rammed police vehicles several times.

The pursuit ended with Clovis and Fresno officers firing
shots at Siharath after he crashed at the Fresno intersection.
 He was taken to University Medical Center and faces charges that include assault
with a deadly weapon and driving with disregard for public safety while
evading police officers.

[Editorial comment: Draw your own conclusion about the shooting at the intersection.] Zulim said the Clovis officers exhibited exceptional performance in the high-speed, dangerous police pursuit.


Compiled from reports
by the Clovis Police and Fire departments