Linsay and Maggie

My name is Elizabeth Lee. I am the older sister of Linsay and Maggie Lunsford. They were tragically killed on December 1, 2007. They were the innocent victims of a high speed police chase. My 18-year-old sister Linsay was driving (her 1999 Kia Sephia), and my youngest sister Maggie, 9, was riding in the back. They had been Christmas shopping. Linsay and Maggie died on impact. Then the cars caught on fire and burnt both cars. I cannot begin to tell you the hurt, but I know you understand. We have to make some change, this kind of thing, should not keep happening to innocent people. Thank you for your time. 
Love in Christ, Elizabeth Lee.

About Linsay and Maggie

Crash cuts promising lives short

GREENSBORO \ "Linsay has 175 friends."

On some Facebook profiles, that might look inflated.

But people who knew UNCG freshman Linsay Erin Lunsford said she was the kind of young woman every teacher wants in class, and everyone who met her wanted to get to know her.

Lunsford, 18, and her 9-year-old sister, Maggie Lunsford, were killed Saturday afternoon in Granville County when a man fleeing Franklinton police crashed into the car Lunsford was driving home from a shopping trip.

In less than a semester at UNCG, Linsay, an honors student, had become active in student government, community volunteering and in the Make a Difference House, a special housing option for students who are passionate about community service.

Little Maggie was involved in many things too. She had just participated in a Karate tournament that very morning.

The Chase

N.C. officer on leave after fatal 90 mph chase

The Raleigh News & Observer

FRANKLINTON, N.C. — A Franklinton police officer and a driver he was chasing were traveling at 90 mph Saturday when the suspect crossed the center line on two-lane U.S. 15 and slammed head-on into another car, the N.C. Highway Patrol said Tuesday. The suspect and a pair of sisters traveling in the other car all died in the crash.

Franklinton police procedures prohibit officers from chasing suspects at speeds exceeding the speed limit by more than 20 mph or at a pace faster than reasonable for existing conditions. The posted speed limit on the highway where the wreck took place is 55 mph.