Talmin Moye, Jr., 3

Talmin was a passenger in his dad's car. They were heading for some yummy treats, a pancake breakfast.

The reason for this chase: A stolen car.

Commentary: Innocent victims of pursuit often hear law enforcement's public relations officials saying the pursuit was not that long ... or the chase was not a high-speed pursuit. But we (family members of innocent victims) know the pursuit was long enough and at a speed high enough to kill and permanently injure our innocent loved ones.

Regarding the pursuit that resulted in Talmin's death, officers had identified the car as stolen BEFORE they got to the scene. When they arrived, they saw the woman in the car. Did officers really think someone in a stolen car would do the right thing? Were marked or unmarked cars sent to the scene? When someone reports suspicious activity, some police departments will send unmarked cars — not to use for pursuit — but to observe the suspect. In this case, officers in unmarked cars could have truly followed the suspect without her knowledge until she was no longer behind the wheel of a car and then the officers could have made their arrest.