Kathryn Deanne Bogosian-Langley, 25

Kathryn Bogosian Langley
Mother with her son.

Victim leaves behind 4-year-old son

by Greg Welter
Chico Enterprise-Record

October 28, 2006 

PARADISE — A dangerous felon who vowed he would do anything to avoid going back to prison claimed the life of a young wife and mother of a 4-year-old boy Thursday in his bid to outrun police.

Bogosian crash sceneButte County sheriff's deputies had been watching Shayne Rendel Tinnel, 37, for weeks and followed him Thursday afternoon as he rode in a car from Magalia to Paradise, with a female acquaintance at the wheel.

Paradise police joined the surveillance as the vehicle, a green Toyota 4-Runner, neared the town limits.

The SUV was stopped at the Skyway and Clark Road, where the female, later identified as Jennifer Street, got out and surrendered to officers, her hands in the air.

Tinnel remained in the vehicle, and allegedly moved from the back seat to behind the wheel.

He reportedly drove away at high speed, steering around a deputy's patrol car parked in front of him.

Deputies and Paradise police pursued the vehicle less than a mile, and claimed they were about to call off the chase when Tinnel lost control of the vehicle at a blind curve on Clark Road and struck a green 1992 Ford Explorer head-on.

A resident in a mobile home park near the crash site said she could hear the police sirens coming down Clark as the vehicles hit.

Investigators said the grinding collision knocked the Explorer, being driven north on Clark by Magalia resident Kathryn Deanne Bogosian, 25, backwards about 30 feet.

The two vehicles came to rest nose-to-nose, with Tinnel's 4-Runner lying on its side.

Tinnel's speed was estimated by investigators at close to 90 mph.

Both Bogosian and Tinnel were pronounced dead at the scene.

A pit bull in one of the vehicles reportedly suffered major injuries and was euthanized by Paradise Animal Control.

California Highway Patrol officers from Chico arrived to take over the collision investigation, then called in a Major Accident Investigation Team from Sacramento.

The crashed vehicles remained on Clark Road, which was closed until midnight between Wagstaff Road and the Skyway.

When Tinnel's body was extricated from the mangled SUV, police said they found a loaded .32-caliber handgun inside.

Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey said he spent much of Friday wrapping up pending actions against Tinnel, who had an extensive criminal record.

Ramsey said Street, the woman who surrendered to police, faces charges for aiding and abetting a known felon, but was also one of his victims.

Street alleged Tinnel had beaten her up, and charges of domestic violence were pending against him. He was also facing a recent charge for alleged carjacking.

Street was arrested Thursday night and booked into the Butte County Jail in Oroville.

Tinnel had been on the Gridley-Biggs Police Department's most wanted list since early June, and was being sought by nearly every law enforcement agency in Butte County.

Reaction to Bogosian's death, and the fact that she died as the result of a police pursuit, brought out strong emotions in people who knew her.

However, Christa Hawthorne, her friend for 21 years, said feelings about how she died aren't as powerful as memories of Kathryn Bogosian as a very special person, with many loving family members and friends.

She said the young woman attended high school in Napa, then transferred to Paradise High School.

She said her friend has relatives in Napa, and several on the ridge.

Bogosian worked at Albertsons Supermarket, and was on her way home from work when the collision took place, Hawthorne said.

She said Kathryn's husband and other family members are taking her death hard, and aren't ready to talk about it yet.

She said the couple's son is being well cared for.

Butte County records show that Tinnel fathered a child — a girl — in 2004 with a woman from Biggs. The mother of the child recently filed a court action against Tinnel for non-support.

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