Garrett Tolliver

The ripple effect of those who love the innocent victims never ceases to expand. Garrett’s grandmother Donna Houle of Texas writes:

“You know my youngest daughter, Stacey Tolliver Whitney. Stacey is Garrett’s mom. Like all of us, she never recovered from this tragedy.

“In 2016, January 8th, Garrett, 18, had just gotten off work early on Friday afternoon in Midlothian, Texas. Meanwhile, Waxahachie Sheriff’s Department was involved in a high-speed pursuit about 8 miles up the highway. Officers were chasing a stolen van equipped with a GPS system. There was no way the driver could have gotten away from them with the GPS. Police up ahead of the suspect told them to back off because there there was traffic. They didn’t back off.

“We believe the continued the pursuit because of the adrenaline rush. Upon entering Midlothian City limits. the suspect crossed the median and hit Garrett’s pickup head on, killing both of them instantly. We heard and saw the wreckage on Social Media. The driver’s side covered with a tarp. Stacey died in 2018 in her sleep from something to do with her heart. Our lives are completely destroyed.”

News Stories

Innocent Victim Identified, FOX News, (01-09-2016)—An 18-year-old was one of the two men killed in a head-on collision in Midlothian Friday afternoon. Garrett Tolliver was in his pickup, on his way home from work, when a van thief fleeing police drove into oncoming traffic on Highway 287 near Plainview Road.

Video at this link: Family questions police chase policy after son killed, Texas News, (05-26-2016)—Garrett Tolliver's grieving family and friends are outraged the 18-year-old died in what they call a senseless police chase. They gathered on the steps of the Ellis County Courthouse recently to demand answers.

"I had just gotten off the phone with him," Mrs. Whitney said. "The last thing I heard him say was, 'I love you, Mama,' and I said, 'I love you, son. I'll see you in an hour.'"