Martin Padilla, 51

Martin Padilla remembered 
as devoted college employee

August 28, 2008, Pinole, CA: "Martin was extremely passionate about what he did," Contra Costa College President McKinley Williams said. "He did so much above and beyond the call of duty and will be remembered as a humble man. He loved serving people." 

During the day, Padilla, who held a master's degree in disability rehabilitation services, mentored disabled students, Williams said. 

Padilla's widow, Nanette Barce-Padilla, 50, expressed anger that sheriff's deputies hadn't broken off the chase for a known parolee in a stolen car. "If they have a police chase, it's not worth trying to catch the person because it kills innocent people," Barce-Padilla said. "That's not the first time that stuff like this has happened."