Even new Corvettes
crumble from the violent crashes 
of high-speed police chases

Melissa Albrecht first contacted me (Candy Priano) via e-mail. She wrote: "My husband, Bryan, and I were involved as victims, of course, of a police pursuit. We were hit by the suspect veh at 70mph we were doing 60 mph, on the freeway. It sent us both to trauma centers, totaled our 04 corvette. I've sent e-mails to the assembly and governor."

In subsequent e-mails, Melissa wrote: "My second letter is done and goes out Monday to the governor, the two senators, and my own legislators, Assemblyman Joe Coto and Senator Elaine Alquist. This has hit us pretty hard, not like you with the death of your daughter. I never thought -- like others -- that we would be a victim of a pursuit."

"I am still off work due to a blood clot on my brain from hitting the windshield even after the air bags deployed. We are so lucky to be alive. My husband and myself have vowed to fight this fight as well. Its too bad it takes it happening to your own family before you realize what a problem it is. Take care and again I am sorry about your daughter."

"Last update from Melissa: We got Pacifica's police report. They chased him for having expired registration! I am so mad!"

Police seeking driver in high-speed pursuit

Wednesday, June 22, 2005
 -- Pacifica Police are on the lookout for a driver who left the scene of an accident after leading officers on a high-speed pursuit Monday night.

Officers Scott Avilla and Keith Altizer were riding together at about 10:25 p.m. Monday, June 20, when they saw a dark-colored Dodge pickup leaving the parking lot of the 7-Eleven at Clarendon and Lakeside.

As the truck headed east on Clarendon and onto southbound Francisco, the driver suddenly sped up, made an abrupt lane change and turned off the truck lights - as if to elude the officers behind.

Avilla and Altizer followed the truck and tried to pull it over at Sharp Park and Lundy. Instead of yielding the red lights, the driver took off east up Sharp Park Road at a high rate of speed.

With the patrol car in pursuit, the pickup driver tried to get onto southbound 280 from Westborough, but was going so fast the person lost control of the truck. It veered across several traffic lanes where it was struck by two passing vehicles. The driver of the truck jumped out and ran away, eluding capture.

The California Highway Patrol responded to investigate the freeway accident since it is their jurisdiction. There was one passenger in the pickup truck, Linda Lozano, 45, of Santa Rosa. She was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with a complaint of neck and back pain. She was later arrested for possession of a controlled substance. The two occupants of the other two vehicles involved in the crash were also taken to the hospital with minor to moderate facial lacerations.

Pacifica Police are continuing to investigate the identity of the driver of the pickup truck.

- Elaine Larsen

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