Thanks, Jim

I am saddened to let everyone know that Jim Phillips has passed away.  Jim has been a great friend to the Police Driving Site and he is going to be dearly missed. In case you didn't know, Jim lost his daughter Sarah in 2001. She was struck by a suspect in a Police Pursuit. Jim was a hero to me and many others. He didn't let the tragedy turn his life into everything negative. He used it and has helped make dramatic changes to pursuit policies and practices. He has many friends in the law enforcement profession...a profession that rarely lets an outsider in. Jim was the force behind He built that organization from the tragedy. I had many conversations with Jim and he loved law enforcement. He wanted officers and citizens safer. I believe Jim's impact will be seen across this nation for years to come.

I ask that each of you say a prayer for his family and send the family a card. It is our time to lift up his wife and family during this time. Let us please let them know how much Jim meant. I will pass on an address when I receive it. I have listed an editorial I wrote about Jim in 2004 below.

Chief Steve Jones and Senior Instructor Ron Kelley are embracing the family. Thanks to both of them during this time and thank you Jim for your friendship and support.

Thanks to each of you.
Travis, Feb. 4, 2006