Francesca Jeffery & Amanda Taylor


Francesca Jeffery, 22, and Amanda Taylor, 28, were best friends who worked as radiology technicians at Florida Hospital. 

A glimpse at two very beautiful, young ladies who chose careers so they could help others

All Innocent Bystanders: Three friends were riding together. The driver of the car, James Leconte, 32, in which the women were riding was seriously injured in the crash, police said.

The fleeing driver, a violent felon, was given too many chances by our justice system. Only a few news stories about this tragedy remain on the Internet. Here's one in the Orlando-Sentinel.

The trio had been friends for four or five years since studying at Florida Hospital College in Orlando, according to mutual friend and classmate, Joseph Nguyen. All worked in the medical field, with Taylor being especially devoted to working with children as a pediatric X-ray technologist, he said.

"If you knew Amanda, I know you'd love Amanda. She was one of my best friends. She was like my sister," said Nguyen, who shared an apartment with Taylor. "I'd always say Francesca was like our third roommate. She was always visiting the apartment."

Kevin Jeffery, Francesca's dad, said "There are no words to describe the Light and Spirit that was Francesca."

... And, in an instant, it all changed.