Scott E. Adsit

Scott Adsit was so full of life and is loved by many. His niece Candi Fuller writes: 

"Scott always lived life to the fullest ... that's how he ended up in San Francisco (always something new to do and see). Originally he was from Adams Center, New York, about 40 minutes from the Canadian border in Upstate New York.  He was so happy when he met his wife and decided to settle down.  I remember when he called to tell me that he was going to propose to Rosa.  He was so-o-o happy. ... and when we were in San Francisco for Scott's wedding just a little over a year ago I remember standing in the front pew with the other bridesmaids, looking over at him, our eyes locked and we both just smiled a really big smile at each other because he was so happy, and I was so happy for him."

... Neighbor Gayla Bunton said Adsit spent much of his time fixing up the house he bought in the spring. "They were just married. They were excited about buying this new house," Bunton said. "He was always working in and out of the house. We saw him just yesterday. He was with a friend, cutting some wood for the house."

Stephen Lee, president of Eicon Inc., the contracting firm where Adsit worked, remembered him as a hardworking, dedicated employee who was trying to start a family. "He was one of the good guys," Lee said. "He was living the American dream." Read more of the story in The sfgate.

Across the country people are questioning whether police should "pursue at all cost," especially if the suspects are not putting the public in imminent danger. In the San Francisco Examiner article (which is no longer available on-line), Ingleside Captain Kevin Dillon said that after realizing that the suspects' vehicle matched the description of a stolen car, police began to follow the car to see where it was heading, however, Captain Dillon said they were not in official pursuit. Something to think about: Define police pursuit? Many times when an innocent person is killed or injured in a pursuit, we hear that the officers were not in pursuit but that they were just following the suspect.