Shawn William

“The first thing I think about when I think about him is his smile,” said Marvell Broussard, who knew Shawn through church. “He was always smiling and he always had something kind to say to everybody.”

Police Chase involving shop lifters leaves an innocent teen dead and another fighting for his life.

Yellow balloons, shirts flood memorial for Baytown teen
killed in car crash as a result of police chase

BAYTOWN—Hundreds of the students crowded into a parking lot Monday near the scene of a crash that killed a Sterling High School student over the weekend.

Shawn Williams, 16, died and another teen was hospitalized in what police said was a shoplifting case that turned into a car chase. The two teens were innocent bystanders caught in the middle of the chaos.

Many of the students wore the color yellow to symbolize happiness. Brandon Williams, Shawn’s younger brother, fought back tears as he expressed his gratitude to those who came.

“Shawn never wanted people to cry,” he said. “That’s why the color yellow means so much and I’m trying not to cry.” People who gathered released hundreds of balloons and lit candles in honor of both Shawn and Shay Hollingshead, the 17-year-old who survived the crash.

His mother said he needs prayer now more than ever. “He’s very critical,” said Marlene Hawkinson. “They can’t stabilize him and he has serious internal injuries.”

Members of the Sterling High School Choir, the group Williams sang with, performed “Amazing Grace” with one voice sadly absent. Many people said they would always remember their friend, and vowed to continue to pray for Hollingshead.